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Wedding Planning

Planning and Conceptualization: We plan the sequence of events, the budget; choose the venue, the Decor Theme, the Menu, the Entertainment, and so much more. All as per the concepts and destination finalized.

Coordination: Selecting the Vendors, Negotiations, Food Tasting, Signing Contracts, in short - Detailing the entire Wedding Plan.

Implementation: Executing the Wedding Plan, Ensuring that you get what you planned and paid for and making your dream come true.

Venue Selection

From lush green farmhouses to five star hotels, exotic locales to royal forts & heritage palaces, we find them all for you. Our venue selection services include: Recommending exclusive venues, best suited to your needs. Checking the feasibility of the venues in term of availability, capacity and restrictions, coordinating services and arrangements at the venue.

Vendor Management

JEPL understand that your wedding is the most memorable event. To make sure that extra care & personal touch is there to make them feel special. Our vendor management services include:


Ensuring timely presence and qualitative delivery as committed by all service providers

Ensuring timely set-up of the venue (outside and inside)

Organizing and briefing trained hosts / hostesses about their areas of operation

 Welcoming, Escorting, Service, hospitality, Venue Layout, Emergency requirements

Ensuring proper grooming and crisp and clean thematic uniforms for the service and hospitality team

Buffet layout and set-up as per the theme and equipment decided.

Coordinating and ensuring high standards of service of food and beverage.

Facilitating the artistes / choreographers with their approved requirements of Sound and light

Providing technical inputs on sound acoustics and light design plan (if required) with the use of sound engineers and light jockeys.

Ensuring smooth and safe flow of the event through timely feedback from area managers

For safety purpose the guest area movement can monitored through CCTV’s

In addition to the above mentioned onsite coordination we also help in sourcing all our vendors.


Catering is one of the prime concerns, when it comes to organizing a wedding. From thematic dining concepts to international chefs & specialty regional dishes, our catering services include: Choice of caterers from all over India Customizing menus to specific function needs and taste palates. Customized dining options from various restaurants.


Airport Hospitality this aspect is handled by a team of professionals trained in handling large volume movements of guests. Sensitivity towards guests needs is the key attribute for all hospitality staff deployed in general. Key areas in attendance would be as follows:


A Hospitality desk set up inside the airport premises.

Offering options for hotels according to budgets, room requirements and distance restrictions.

Arranging for a professional hospitality team to take care of the guests, managing the hospitality desk and manning the control room (if any)

Organizing a help desk at the airport/ railway station to aid the guests

Suggesting ideas about how to welcome the guests

Organizing hotel guest services such as pre check-ins, stationery placement and gift hampers etc.



Fireworks display at the time of baraat, jaimala, reception, sangeet and doli.

Suggesting options like Arial shoots, cold pyros, confetti, rose petal showers and special effects for indoor & outdoor functions.

Mehandi Decoration:

An event filled with joy, fun and entertainment. The night of mehandi, a ceremony during which henna is applied to the hands and feet of the bride and the bridegroom and also to their relatives and friends.  Mehandi decoration have become fashionable these days . The decorations include a riot of vibrant colours like burnt orange , pink , Haldi yellow with varieties of accessories. There are a lot of mehandi themes that have taken the forefront. Use of exotic flowers, stylish furniture and fusion of peppy colors are what makes the style statement.

Generally mehandi functions are held in day time. Different themes are created with different colors. Use of marigold is what that has always been in trend. Concepts like Radhakrishna , Ghoomer , Punjabi gidda can be created for these functions. Radha krishna is always associated with eternal love and that is what every couple want. One can use blue and green fabric with dia’s and peacock feathers.

Suggest artist from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata according to the budgets and style. Arrange special activities for Mehandi function such as Churiwala, tarot card reader, palmist, nail art, Tattoo makers etc.


Organizing the following on rental basis:


Wedding accessories

Ghori, palki, limousine, vintage cars

Power supplies, gensets, mobile toilets

Mobile phones, walkie-talkies

Wedding Day Ceremony Theme:

Preparing a concept for the welcome of the baraat, milni, entry of the groom, aarti of groom, entry of bride, jaimala etc

Arranging for music, lights and props for the grand entry of bride and groom for the wedding functions as per the theme/ concept

Organizing composed thematic music for important highlights

Usage of cranes, hydraulic setups for innovative entry ideas

Shenai walas, palkis etc

Makeup Artist:

Suggest artists from Delhi & Mumbai according to the budget & style.

Engagement Party:

Creativity is the master key when it comes to decorating an engagement party venue. We brainstorm engagement party decoration ideas, present them to the couples and always honor their preferences. For example, whether the couple prefers formal or informal, contemporary or classic decorations....we provide all. All the time and effort spent on planning the engagement party decorations pay off, as the décor defines the atmosphere and sets the mood of the party.

You’ll be amazed at how some simple engagement party decorations can set the tone for the entire event. By incorporating just a few of ideas given by the bride and groom, it really makes a big statement and creates a memorable engagement party for all in attendance – especially the happy couple!


Two viable modes of operations are : Forming a car pool Allocating a vehicle per guest The core responsibility of the travel coordinators would be : To ensure that ‘no guest has to wait for a vehicle’ To take a inventory of the vehicles reporting every day.


Your invites give your guests a sneak peek and so to say are the first look of your wedding style. Since a wedding is undoubtedly an expensive affair so, why not make a statement with the invite design as well. Innovatively designed personalized cards are a style statement in themselves.

Varmala Concepts

A Jaimala Ceremony inaugurates the entire wedding event and it has to be special. It creates the crescendo of the entire wedding ceremony. JEPL’s exquisite use of flowers and their colors have resulted in stunning Traditional Pieces as well as unique custom varmalas. The use of Tissue, Pearls, Green foliage, Rudrash, Kundan, etc with flowers; make the varmala an enticing piece of art and creates new concept of your VARMALA.



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