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Success of any function is quite dependent on a good recipe of combination location, decoration and entertainment and among these music and entertainment is said to be the ears and eyes any function. An Indian Wedding without music, dance and other forms of entertainment is totally unheard. After all, wedding is a celebration time. The great Indian wedding has always been a grand spectacle over the years, as the festivities have become even grander. The sangeet decor and themes are a subtle mix of colors put together with exotic flowers, rich chandeliers and candles to create magic. These set ups are generally contemporary or fusion in nature.

The growing popularity of designer weddings has given a cosmopolitan style to these traditional rituals. Smaller functions like mehendi and sangeet have also become gala events, professionally choreographed with snazzy DJs behind the console. Over the past decade, western events such as cocktail night and bachelor parties have added to the festivities. From destination venues to lavish decors, celebrity performances and splendid themes, the traditional sangeet has now become a more organized and systematic pre wedding event. The once Do-it-yourself. song and dance ceremony is now taken up by professional vendors who not only set up for the grand sangeet but also manage group/celebrity performances at such a ceremony.

The loud brass bands, dhols and nagadaas and the squeaky shehnai are now outdated and have given way to more groovy, funky DJ parties. The ladies in the house now seek professional training for performing their dancing jig at these dos. A range of choreographers are competing in the market offering various services like the œlead pair dance, complete family dance choreography. Recent celebrity weddings have witnessed Bollywood and TV industry's who's who to perform at their glitzy weddings.


More opportunities to set up events of events with professional MCs and anchors and setting up activities like a scripting event by making a story line highlighting the progression of the bride's and groom's story. Another interesting activity could be interviewing family members and recording rehearsal footage to create filler videos and providing anchors to make the event entertaining.


Bollywood retro theme is popular with the œshiny disco balls reviving the 80's era, with detailing of decor and prop in total filmy style! The glitz and glamour of Bollywood can be displayed in the props of the center table. An old Ambassador car with yesteryear's film posters to bring the guests to the venue.  An entrance with a cinema like backdrop and banners of hit Hindi movies. Thematic cushions for guest area and stage seating for the couple will add the perfect masala required! A fun idea would be to invite guests to dress up in a retro avatar to glam the ceremony even more.

Artist & Celebrities management:

Suggesting the right kind of entertainment suiting the theme of the function.
Providing celebrity performers, TV artists, Bollywood stars, national performers to make your function unique.
Organizing cost effective performers for smaller functions.
Organizing folk artists for ritual specific singing (Banna-Banni singers, special Bhakti singers, Punjabi tappas etc).
Putting together theme sequences like Antakshari, Nach Baliye, quiz shows for families to participate during functions.


Suggesting choreographer for family performances.
Specialized choreographer in traditional dances.
Specialized choreographer in contemporary dances.
Thematic concept for choreography.
* Fabulous stage Design + Colorful Lights all over the stage + Line Array sound + Performance with the Dancers+ Props+ theme Dance + fire Work+ Script+ Anchor+ DJ+ Orchestra+ Singers.

If this is not enough we are here for celebrity management...

Bollywood stars
Bollywood Singers
TV Stars
Reality Show Singers/ Dancers
Foreigner Dancers
Laughter challenge Artist etc.

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