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The essence of JEPL Events & Weddings lies in its team. It has the creme of management and the finest of staff working for it. Our team comprises of Business Managers, Creative Directors, Conceptualizes, Designers, Strategists, Technical & Production personnel, Artist Managers, Hospitality personnel's, etc. In-house resources help us serve our clients by providing effective event solutions and experiences to remember.

The company's key management members are: 

Himanshu Jhalani (HAPPY):  Founder and Director, Josh Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Himanshu Jhalani is the founder and the Managing Director of Josh Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. He is the mastermind behind the success of Josh Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and making it widely known and well accepted all over.

Himanshu Jhalani brings an unparalleled blend of experience, education and personality to each and every event. Himanshu also has solid complimentary knowledge and experience in Social events. Hiamnshu continues to strive for professionalism, creativity and impeccable organization in all his events. Himanshu Jhalani (HAPPY) with his brilliance, creativity and years of experience in wedding planning make every event a memorable experience.


Mudit Jain: MD

His job profile includes artist's management, hospitality, vendor co-ordination and arranging all kind of niche service providers at events and weddings. Being savvy makes it easy for him to deal with the creme of the society with ease.


Pushpendra S. Shekhawat (Piyush): Creative Director
He design and implement creative projects of the company and assists the creative team in developing ideas. He is charged with determining the best ways for us to visually represent our company's identity. He perfectly knows that his job is a people-oriented, involving development of high-level concepts for design projects. His job is also involves working with internal and external clients, pitching designs, and understanding client needs.
Lokesh Mittal (Baali): Event Design Manager & Dance Educationalist
Strategically designing every nuance of the wedding is his forte. He plays an important role to Interact with Clint's family members.
Manish Dadheech: Artist & Celebrities Manager
He is an experienced artist coordinator to manage the logistics of events, conferences, and high-value client entertaining across the company, including: His job is to make coordination for artists, actors, dancers, musicians, background artists & models. 
Amit Godiwal: Technical & Production Head
He is the liaison between Event Design, Catering/Conference Services and Resort Operations. His position oversees the booking and specific entertainment related programming, as directed by the Event Design Manager for all music related to private and resort events.
Imraan Khan : Senior Choreographer
His responsibility includes client handling, identifying their requirements and then suggesting various innovative ideas for giving a new feel to the event. He has detailed knowledge of almost all Dance Forms including Stage and Camera Choreography with all segments. He create and plan the routines for performers to play out, usually to music or to evoke some sort of idea in the heads of the audience. Imran Khan is working with us since 2008 to till date with 100% clientele satisfaction.
Shubham Sharma: Vendor manager
His job is to Negotiating with vendors to provide each client with the maximum utility, along with your budget planning and seamless allocation to Resources make your wedding most efficient in its kind. He is Responsible for booking entertainment for group, social and resort events with appropriate margins to vendors.

When you are planning something as special as a wedding it's important to have the right people behind you, people who are just as enthusiastic as you are about creating a wedding that perfectly captures the essence of your relationship. At JEPL, Service is our number one priority because it makes everyone feel good, including us.


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